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Cafe poster

The Café

"A Small Café?"

For some time now, we missed a plat­­form on the web, a plea­s­ant and in­spir­ing small sect­ion on li­ter­ature, philo­sophy, cri­ti­­cism, chron­i­cles, and, hope­fully, cle­ver state­­ments, dis­course and de­bate.

In other words, a kind of old-style coffee house; not for the hoi polloi but for the discerning few. So we introduce you to life at our and your vir­tual Small Café, serving a little distraction from the daily grind, among other things.

A Small Café, some tables in a friendly atmos­phere, corners and niches for quiet conver­sa­tions or reading, engaging and likeable people. A bar and a fireplace for the cold months. No cell­phones, no tablets. And, what's important on war­mer days, some tables outside in the sun (or shade) of the day or in the candlelight of the evening and night.

New patrons are always wel­come and the café's waiter will serve you with pleasure: "Enjoy." We hope this spot will become a relaxing surprise to spend a break, some minutes over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine — to meet old and new friends.

... and all guests are welcome to talk the language of their choice.


A Small Café is offered by The Round Table Foundation (TRTF).

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