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Regine C. Schulz:
The Creation of the World.
On the Variety of Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths.

in: Beinlich H, Schulz R, Wie­cz­orek A (eds). Egypt's Mysterious Book of the Faiyum.
125 pages. J.H. Röll Verlag. Dettelbach, Germany.
ISBN 978-3-89654-439-0

Regine C. Schulz
The Creation of the World

On the Variety of Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths

RCS_portraitegine C. Schulz is an eminent archeo­logist, historian, and linguist with a focus on Egyp­tology who was and is particularly in­stru­men­tal in furthering academic exchange between nu­me­rous disciplines. She was awarded the Pro Academia Prize 2015 in recognition of her efforts of bringing together sci­en­tists, researchers, and scholars, among them ar­che­o­lo­gists, conservators, museum specialists, historians, designers, specialists in interactive information tech­no­logy, and re­pre­sen­ta­tives of different religions.

The Prize proposal stressed in particular her project emphasizing "The Emer­gen­ce of the World: Egypt's Last Creation Myth": For several decades, an in­te­rnational team dedicated their time and expertise to this project. Thus, the list of the co-laureates is international, from Europe and North America.

Professor Schulz is an exemplary central person and linchpin promoting aca­de­mic collaboration, exchange with, and “cross-pollination” between, among others, museums, university departments, and the media, as well as scientific cooperation and integration of academic research, exchange, and presentation – in this case the transformation and interpretation of Ancient Egyptian cre­a­tion myths as models for nature phenomena and existential human and sci­en­ti­fic questions and problems.

In a joint effort, the collaborators opened their field to the public, explaining and stimulating interest, deepening understanding, and imparting and con­vey­ing cultural and religious background to a broad audience. The final pre­sen­ta­tion of their work culminated in a major exhibition that was shown in North America and Europe.

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